NC Parent Assist Loan - Estimate Monthly Loan Payments

If you're thinking about borrowing to pay for college, this calculator can provide you an estimate of what your monthly payments could be based on figures you input below.

This calculator assumes a single disbursement of the entire loan amount. If your loan is provided in multiple disbursements any accrued, unpaid interest is capitalized (added to the loan balance) upon final disbursement.


The loan amount cannot exceed the cost of attendance less other financial aid as determined by the school.


The standard repayment term is 10 years.

*About Interest Rates

Fixed interest rate for qualified borrowers when in repayment using auto-draft.

The accuracy of this calculator is not guaranteed by any party and is intended for educational purposes only. The calculator displayed does not constitute the advice of, or reflect actual products, services, rates and/or terms available from College Foundation, Inc. and nothing contained in the calculator shall constitute a loan offer or solicitation of a product or service by College Foundation, Inc.